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How to Detect Hidden Spy Recorders


A “Spy” video recorder is so small as to be almost undetectable, even when you are standing right up against it. Detect a hidden spy video recorder hidden in the wall or ceiling of your home by using a LED detector. The LED detector bounces beams of LED light off the spy video recorder’s lens, causing a flashing dot of light to be reflected back. This points out the presence of the spy video recorder. There are a number of LED detectors on the market, all operating in a similar fashion to detect a hidden spy video recorder.

Things You’ll Need : LED detector


  • Stand at the entranceway of the room or area that you want to search for a hidden spy video recorder.Turn the power switch of the LED detector to the “On” position. Set the “Mode” switch to the “Flash” position.
  • Lift the LED detector up to one eye. Look through the LED detector’s viewfinder while closing the other eye. Aim the LED detector at the extreme, upper left corner of the far wall.