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How to Use a Spy Camera to Catch Your Sister in Your Bedroom


Do you have the feeling that your sister is going into your bedroom when you aren’t home? Maybe you’ve found things moved around or missing. Perhaps you have a hunch that she is reading your journal or just using your things without permission. If you want to know once and for all if your sibling is sneaking into your bedroom, then a spycam can catch her in the act. A spycam will monitor your room while you are away.

Things You’ll Need : USB webcam with motion sensor capabilities, Screwdriver or utility knife, USB extension cord, Desktop computer or laptop


  • Dismantle the casing from the webcam either by prying it apart with a utility knife (if the casing is glued) or unscrewing it with a screwdriver (if you see screws). You will be left with a circuit board connected to a camera lens and USB cable. Unscrew the larger, front part of the lens so that you are left with a tiny camera that you will be able to hide.