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Types of Spy Cameras


Spy cameras are used by professionals in law enforcement as well as by private citizens who want to watch over their homes or businesses when they are not present. There are several types of spy cameras available including wearable cameras, disguised cameras and night vision cameras. If you are considering purchasing a spy camera, remember that federal and state laws prohibit the use of spy cameras in areas of expected privacy like bathrooms and locker rooms.

Disguised Cameras

Disguised spy cameras are designed to appear like everyday household or business items. Disguised or concealed cameras are typically built into objects like alarm clocks, VCRs, stuffed animals, smoke detectors, or picture frames. The pinhole cameras are usually smaller than a quarter but have a wide view range that can capture images from most of the room. Disguised spy cameras are the most common type of spy camera used as nanny cams, which parents place in a common area to collect video of their child’s caretaker. Disguised cameras can also be equipped with a motion sensor that activates the camera only when movement appears in front of the lens.
Cameras can be concealed in functional alarm clocks.
Cameras can be concealed in functional alarm clocks.