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What Is the Frequency of Wireless Spy Cameras?


As of 2010, wireless spy cameras operate within a range of frequencies: 434mhz, 900mhz, 1.2ghz, 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz. Though other wireless surveillance methods are quickly coming to market, like the remote workstation spying conducted by a Pennsylvania School District, the wireless spy camera remains the backbone of most covert surveillance installations.
Wireless spy cameras constructed in the future will likely operate at even higher frequencies, enhancing range and video resolution, due to continuing improvements made to wireless technologies.

How it Works

In order to conduct and capture wireless video surveillance more than just a pinhole camera is required. Wireless spy camera installations always include a minimum of four components:

1) B/W or color pinhole camera.
3) Transmitter with a power source.
4) Receiver.
4) Storage device (for video received from the transmitter).