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How to Hide a Mini Camera


People use mini cameras for many reasons. Some people use them for law enforcement or security outside their home, while others employ them to record what goes on inside their home, whether it’s checking up on how a nanny treats your children or whether anyone enters your home without your knowledge. If you’re using a camera inside, you’ll have to hide it for it to be effective. That means knowing where and how to store it and how to check it. Corded cameras can work fine, but for the best hiding places, you’re better off going cordless.

Things You’ll Need : Drill, Tweezers, Utility knife, Double-sided or electrical tape, Rubber cement, Audio/video cable


  • Find a hiding place that’s appropriate for the room you’re putting the mini camera in. Look for electronic devices, stacks of books, vents or stuffed animals. Make sure there’s enough room for the camera, wires and battery.