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How to Disrupt a Spy Camera


In today’s age, it seems that everyone and their brother is out to check up on their neighbors or find out what everyone else is up to. Whether it is setting up a personal security system around his house, or spying on what is going on inside of her home when she is away, setting up spy cameras are becoming a hot trend. Yet when we want to be shielded and given our own privacy, what can be do to block the unwanted watchful eye of Big Brother? There is a way to disrupt a spy camera and earn back your much needed privacy and security.

Things You’ll Need : Computer, Internet connection, Credit card, Spy camera jammer


  • Buy a spy camera jammer online. Jammers can be bought online at websites like IPMart.com. They come in varying sizes but look much like the remotes to a standard TV system. These handy and discrete devices disrupt spy camera recordings and Bluetooth signals. Some even have GPS tracking devices and features to block cellphone calls.