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How to Detect Hidden Cameras & Listening Devices


As technology improves, cameras and listening devices have gotten smaller, quieter and more readily disguised. While this is great for anyone wishing to conduct surveillance, it does inhibit your ability to feel safe from prying eyes, even when no one is around. While in some cases you may be protected from hidden cameras by your jurisdiction’s laws—police, for instance, cannot plant these devices without a warrant, and private citizens can often not record video or sound in a private place without the knowledge and consent of the person being recorded—knowing how to discover hidden devices can be worth more than the laws designed to protect you from them.

Things You’ll Need : Flashlight, RF signal detector

Conduct a physical search of the area, looking for any conspicuously placed objects such as stuffed animals, smoke detectors, lamps, picture frames or books. Cameras can be discovered by looking for objects that seem to be “pointed” at areas of the room in an unnatural way. Listening devices can be stashed under tables or chairs, or inside pots and vases.