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Video Surveillance Camera Placement Guide


Video surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere from street corners to supermarkets to home property. The key to using them is to place them where they can’t easily be seen or they can’t easily be accessed. Using these two concepts together will provide adequate surveillance of whatever area you need to protect.


People are far more likely to do things they shouldn’t be doing, such as breaking into your house, if they don’t think anyone is watching. For this reason, you need to place video cameras at locations not easily seen, yet that cover a wide range. For example, if you want to place a camera under the eaves, it’s best to place it where it is in deep shadow at night and preferably during the day as well. Another good location is high up in a big tree. Be careful not to have the lens covered by leaves. With this camera facing the building, it is unlikely a potential burglar will see it or be able to do anything about it if he does.