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How Spy Cameras & Listening Devices Work


Spy Cameras

Spy cameras are available in wired and wireless models. “Nanny Cams” are well-known and widely available wireless cameras often disguised as household decorator items such as vases. Wireless monitoring devices are also available mounted in teddy bears, books and picture frames. These devices typically record action onto a DVD or VHS tape. Wired spy cameras require a transmitting camera and a receiving device, both battery-operated. These models also demand that the receiver be placed within a specified number of feet to pick up the camera’s transmission. The more expensive the model, the further away the receiver may be located to pick up the reception. Hybrid spy cameras allow recording on one device, but the storage card must be retrieved to receive the images the camera recorded. The card is then downloaded onto a computer for viewing. Certain camera models allow the spy camera images to be streamed directly onto the Internet for viewing.