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How to Conceal a Spy Camera


If you need to catch someone in an illegal act, a spy camera can be constructed with an inexpensive camera and a few household objects.


  • Consider the size of your camera. The size of the camera will determine the size of the object you use to hide it. There are several cameras that are designed specifically to work as spy cameras and have a slim profile.
  • Choose the object you would like to use to hide your spy camera. When choosing an object, it is best to choose something that belongs in the room where you intend to set up the camera. Also, choosing an object that is already hollowed out or empty will make it easier to prepare the object to hide the camera.
  • Prepare your decoy object so you can insert the camera. Depending on which object you choose, you will need to find a tool that will help you fit the camera inside of or behind the object.