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How to Recycle & Refill Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges


Kodak may advertise a lower per-page printing cost than any of its competitors, but as any businessperson who prints a lot of graphic-intense documents can tell you, using a HERO or ESP printer on a regular basis can still put a dent in a company’s operating budget. One way you can cut down on the cost of ink cartridges is to purchase a refill kit, which allows you to replace the ink in your printer’s existing cartridges. Because each cartridge features a non-resettable chip that needs to be replaced with each refill, recycling a Kodak cartridge requires a little more work than do other brands. But considering that the price of chips and six full refills is about the same as one cartridge, you might find it to be worth the effort.

  • Cover your work area to protect it from ink stains. Because ink absorbed by paper towels can still stain the surface, it’s a good idea to place a piece of wax paper under the paper towels.
  • Remove the Kodak ink cartridge you want to refill from your printer and peel back its label to expose the fill opening(s). Black ink cartridges have one opening, while color cartridges have five.
  • Select the first color you’ll be using. If you’re refilling a color cartridge, identify the proper fill opening on the cartridge and place a piece of tape over the remaining four to avoid accidentally mixing two colors together. The color cartridge openings are arranged as follows, from left to right: yellow, glossy, magenta, cyan and black.
  • Remove the protective cap from a needle and attach the needle to a syringe.
  • Insert the needle into the ink bottle containing the color you selected and slowly pull back the syringe’s plunger to draw ink into its chamber. Black cartridges take 10ml of ink, while color cartridges hold 5ml of each color.