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How to Replace & Align Canon Ink Cartridges


Replacing and aligning ink cartridges for Canon and most other inkjet printers used in your business is a user-friendly process requiring only a few moments to complete. Ink cartridges are seated and secured in a common mounting assembly attached to a motorized carriage on a horizontal track. As paper travels vertically through the printer, the print carriage moves side-to-side, allowing the ink cartridges to transfer ink in narrow lines until the image is completed. Because color is achieved by layering various combinations of translucent printing inks, all cartridges must print on the same horizontal plane. Misaligned cartridges cause poor overall print quality by producing print lines slightly askew of those printed by aligned cartridges and must be adjusted. Alignment is an automated task done by the printer, but users must initiate the process and indicate alignment adjustments as needed.

Replace Canon Ink Cartridge

1. Power on the computer and printer and ensure the two are connected.

2. Locate the interior access door at the top or front of the printer, gently lifting or prying until the door opens fully. On some Canon models, the carriage, ink cartridges and cartridge mount will be visible and accessible. On others, opening the door will cause the carriage to move into a position to access the cartridges. If neither occurs, locate and depress the “Reset” button on the printer or search for the reset command in the printer menu if equipped.

3. Locate the empty cartridge by reading the color printed on the top-mounted label and inspect the holding mechanism. Ink cartridges are either secured to their seat within the print carriage with non-visible tabs integrated with the cartridge body, or by hinged plastic clip retainers which are visibly evident at the top of the cartridge.