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How to Tell If a Smoke Detector Is a Hidden Camera


Video surveillance is pervasive and encroaching on virtually every aspect of public and even private life. Municipal governments install and maintain surveillance cameras in public places, such as subways. Corporations hide cameras in the workplace to monitor employees. The Internet is full of websites containing lewd videos of individuals who were filmed surreptitiously by their since-jilted lovers.
Micro-cameras can be hidden almost anywhere, and one popular place is within a dummy smoke detector. Here is how to identify them.

Things You’ll Need : Stepladder


  • Approach the smoke detector from the side if it is wall-mounted, or at an angle if the detector is attached to the ceiling. Video cameras hidden in a smoke detector typically have a field of view no more than 90 to 95 degrees, so if there is a camera inside, a stealth approach is best to avoid being seen and possibly videotaped in the act of investigating the device.