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What Is IP Camera?


An IP camera is a security camera that uses the Web to transmit images and control signals. The data is transmitted in a digital format over an Ethernet connection. One or more IP cameras are usually mounted and connected to a digital video recorder (DVR). These cameras are generally used for security and surveillance. Sometimes the cameras are linked to a network video recorder. When connected to a computer network, the video can be viewed and managed over the Internet from anywhere in the world.


An IP camera is also called an IP network camera. It can be installed alone or in a group, and the quality of the images are better than analog. Used in video surveillance, an IP camera allows numerous cameras to be monitored and viewed from any location over the Internet. It simply requires access to a conventional Web browser. Each IP camera on a network has a unique network address and functions as a video server. There are a wide variety of protocols based on the camera type, including HTTP and TCP/IP.