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How to Set Up a Video Surveillance System


Burglar alarms and smoke detectors are only the first steps in setting up an iron-clad security system for your home or business. A good video surveillance system will not only detect motion in the area, but can capture images vital to police investigations. Best of all, they’re easy to install.


  • Decide what type of system you need. There are several to choose from including wireless, wired, those needing a VCR and computer-based systems. Wired or cabled systems can be connected to other security devices as well as a VCR, while wireless systems need to be “detected” by either TVs or computers and then recorded.
  • Make sure the cameras have decent infrared sensors so they can “see” at night. Many of the lower-end cameras don’t have them or offer them as attachments. An outside light for the external or outdoor cameras can also help.