Home Camera Repair Mounting a Surveillance Camera on Vinyl Siding

Mounting a Surveillance Camera on Vinyl Siding


Outdoor surveillance cameras offer added protection around the home and can detect and identify intruders. They install on virtually any exterior home covering, including vinyl siding, using a mounting bracket and screws. When mounting the surveillance camera, choosing a sturdy location with an unobstructed view point is crucial. To attach the mounting bracket, you must mark and predrill the holes through the siding using a drill. Then the screws for the bracket slide easily into the underlying home structure.

Things You’ll Need : Ladder, Tape measure, 1/4-inch drill bit, Masking tape, Long drill bit, Drill


  • Look around the exterior of the home for the best mounting location for the surveillance camera. Find an area that has a clear view of the area that you want to monitor and that has no trees or other vegetation blocking it. The location should also be accessible only by a ladder to prevent anyone from tampering with it.