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Tips on Mounting Outdoor Surveillance Cameras


Outdoor security cameras help maintain the security of businesses and homes. These cameras vary in size and picture quality; however, no matter the type of security camera you purchase, how you mount the cameras will determine their effectiveness.

Mounting Height

Whether you’re mounting outdoor security cameras to protect your business or your home, the height of the camera will determine the quality of the images captured. For businesses, it is important to have the camera positioned so it can capture the surrounding area while still being close enough to adequately capture faces of incoming customers and those within a 10-foot radius of the front door. Mounting a surveillance camera at least 10 feet high will allow the lens to capture the surrounding sidewalk and parking lot while still being able to properly view the faces and body types of customers. To secure your home, place a camera at least three feet above your front door, as well as 10 to 20 feet up, to capture vehicles entering and exiting your driveway.