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How to Install a DVR Surveillance System


Some DVR systems can store more than a month’s worth of video activity. Perfect for commercial businesses and frequent travelers, these systems let you watch recorded video at your own pace. There are three different types of DVR surveillance systems: those that use DVR cards, those that use a DVR interface and those that use a dedicated DVR PC-based unit.

Install Security Cameras

  • Decide where you want to install surveillance cameras around your home or business. Retail installations should focus cameras on cash registers; home installations should focus on gathering areas and areas where valuables are kept. Install cameras at points of entry for all locations.
  • Mount the cameras on walls or ceilings or place them on tall furniture. Higher elevations will let you see a wider angle of the room so there are fewer blind spots.
  • Run the wires from camera to DVR recording device if you’re using a wired surveillance system. Typically, only one wire is needed per camera, as that one wire carries both power and signal. Hide wires from view for aesthetic reasons and to prevent tripping.