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How to Change the Batteries in a Flip Video


Changing your batteries can make the difference between capturing a special moment with a full battery and missing said moment because your batteries are not functioning. The more expensive models, such as the Flip HD Ultra and the Flip Ultra, use rechargeable batteries, while the least expensive version, the Flip Video, uses disposable batteries, according to the Flip Video and Flip HD manuals. Changing your batteries properly can ease your concerns about not having a charge in your Flip Video.

Flip HD Ultra

  • Slide the battery latch, on the side of the camera, down to unlock the battery chamber.
  • Slide the front panel, below the camera lens, down.
  • Use your fingers to take the rechargeable battery out of the camera.
  • Replace the new battery in the same space, and then slide the front panel up.
  • Slide the battery latch up.