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How to Factory Reset Your Chromebook


Factory resetting your Chromebook is never fun, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to fix problems and to get a fresh start if we are selling or giving away our computer.

From time to time, resetting your device is necessary, either for troubleshooting purposes (the device has become too slow, or is experiencing some form of connectivity issue, etc.) or because we’re upgrading or selling our device and need to remove our personal data.

The good news is that it’s rather easy to backup and factory reset a Chromebook. And, because everything is tied to your Google account, as soon as you’re logged back into your account, you’ll have access to every single app, extension, file, and folder attached to your Google profile.

But how exactly do you reset your Chromebook?

Well, as with most functions on Google’s affordable laptop OS, restoring your Chromebook to its default state is near-effortless—in fact, there’s even a keyboard shortcut for the process. But before we get to that, let’s take care of a couple of data settings first, and back up your Chromebook.