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How to Fit a Table to the Page in Microsoft Word


Tables in Microsoft Word can be incredibly useful for an assortment of things. They allow for basic data alignment, organizing of rows, columns, and even the layout of entire sentences or images. The last one is especially useful when using a landscape page layout.

If you’re more comfortable with Microsoft Word than Excel or Google Sheets, we can show you how to adjust tables within the program. For a short lesson on how to get your tables to fit properly within Word complications free, follow the tutorial provided below.

Adjusting a Table For Office 2011

To Resize a Table

  • Click the View tab, and in the menu ribbon select Print Layout or Publishing Layout.
  • Click the table you want to resize.
  • Place your cursor on the lower-right corner of the table until the diagonal arrow icon Table Resize Cursor appears.
  • Extend the table boundary until the table is the desired size.