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How to Combine and Merge Data from Multiple Worksheets


Sometimes when you have to deal with a lot of information, you may get a request to combine and merge data from multiple worksheets into one worksheet. That’s not a difficult task, but it can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve never done it before.

The best way to proceed is by using Power Query. If you’re wondering what Power Query is and where can you get it, don’t worry. Power Query is an inbuilt feature in Excel 2016 and later versions. In case you have an older version, you can download it as an add-in feature.

Before You Begin

If you’re using an older version of Excel, all you have to do is go to the Microsoft website. Search for Power Query in the search bar at the top right corner and then download it. Make sure that you download the version correspondent to your own version of Excel. When the download is completed, you’ll see Power Query in the upper toolbar.