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How to Remove a Password in Excel 2016


There are various reasons why you’d want to protect your Excel files with a password. Employing a password doesn’t mean we’re keeping secrets, but maybe there’s some sensitive business data we want to protect from being tweaked and tampered with. If there are more team members involved, perhaps you’ll want to share some items as read-only.

Two difficulties can arise from Excel 2016 password protection – it’s time to remove the known password, and you don’t know how, or you’ve forgotten it. There are solutions to both, so keep calm and read on.

Types of Encryption in Excel 2016

As there can be many reasons for password protection, there are also many ways to employ this protection. Some of the solutions listed below will work only for some types of Excel 2016 password encryption, and we’ll briefly explain each, so there’s no confusion later on.