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How to Remove the Editing Marks in Word


Editing marks are an extremely useful tool for collaborating with editors. Word’s editing features allow you to see what changes your editor made compared to the original document. This way, your editor or proofreader doesn’t have to remember all the issues they found in the original document or jot down the entire list of comments below your text. Instead, they can work in the document you created.

The proofreading features can also be used for other purposes.

Using the Proofreading Tools

Even if you aren’t collaborating with an editor or proofreader, you can use the editing marks creatively. You can jot down alternative ideas for passages, paragraphs, sentences, or words. Alternatively, you can use the comments as notes about certain passages or sentences which is great for speeches and presentations. Essentially, you can use MS Word’s editing features in a bunch of creative ways.