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How Often Does Microsoft Excel AutoSave?


Like most people, you probably use Excel for serious tasks, such as school or work projects. So, the files you are working on are very important. In case something goes wrong, like a power cut, or you close the document accidentally, there is no reason to panic.

Office 365 has the AutoSave option, which saves your Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files every few seconds. Office 2016 and older version of the suite have the AutoRecover option, which allows you to recover files which were not saved properly.

Read on and find out more about the Excel AutoSave and AutoRecover features.

Excel AutoSave

If you are subscribed to Office 365, your Office files will be saved automatically with the AutoSave option. This option is on by default, and you can see it in the top-left corner of your Excel window. AutoSave will save files directly to your OneDrive Microsoft Cloud account, or SharePoint Online.