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How to Hide Cells in Microsoft Excel


In the “Format Cells” window that appears, the “Number” tab will already be selected. In its “Category” section to the left, move from “General” to “Custom.”
Change its type in the “Type” section from “General” to “;;;” (three semicolons).
Click on the “OK” button to save the changes. The formatted cells should show no data, but once selected, you should be able to see their values in the Formula Bar.

Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns Using Ctrl and Shift

The easiest way to hide specific rows and columns is by holding down the Control key to select them one by one. You can also select one row or column, hold Shift, and select another one. This will hide the selected rows or columns as well as the ones between them.

When you’re done selecting rows and columns, right-click on a selected row’s number or column letter and select “Hide.” Excel will let you know you’ve hidden them by marking the place wherever there is a hidden row or column.