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How to Freeze the Top Row in Microsoft Excel


If you regularly work with large spreadsheets, you will be familiar with losing headings and categories as you scroll through. Unless you’re very familiar with that spreadsheet, losing these headings can make following the data more difficult than it should be. You can freeze the top row in Excel and the first column to help with that if you like. Here’s how.

The feature is called Freeze Panes and holds the first row and/or the first column in place while you scroll through the spreadsheet. If your spreadsheet isn’t set up for this, it really should be. It makes comparing data so much easier if the headings and sections remain in place.

Freeze the top row in Excel

Freezing the top row in Excel makes it easy to compare data to headings and is something everyone who uses spreadsheets regularly should know. For once, it is actually very straightforward to do once you know how.