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How to Play Games on Multiple Monitors


If you want to play a game that does not support multiple monitors but want to run two monitors at once so you can load the Internet or other program on the second monitor, follow the instructions in this article and skip the steps about configuring your game. You may need to minimize the game to use the second monitor, but once an Internet page is pulled up you can read through it while in game. This trick allows you to use a walk-through while playing the game.

Hook the monitors up to your computer following the instructions. A cord for each monitor will plug into the computer and into the monitor. Special instructions may be listed on the instruction manual, but typically set-up is simple.

Turn your computer on or reboot so it will recognize both monitors. Once the computer loads, right click on your desktop, choose “Properties” and select the screen resolution or appearance tab. Depending on your computer you may have a different option such as “Screen Resolution” when you right click on the desktop. This takes you directly to the menu you need.