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How to Install a Wall Mounted Shower Head


There are several reasons why you may want to replace a wall moiunted shower head in your bathroom versus a hand held shower. Maybe you want a low flow shower head, or possibly the shower head you have now is old and not spraying correctly due to lime or calcium deposits or even corrosion.

Possibly you just want a new luxury shower head or a water saving shower like these: Luxury Shower Heads, Water Saving Shower Heads.

Remove Existing Shower Head

Once you’ve purchased your new shower head the first step in replacing the head is to make sure your shower faucets are firmly turned off and then remove the old shower head. You may want to turn the water of at the main supply.

If you look at the existing shower head, you’ll notice flat spots on what’s called a pipe nipple at the base of the shower head where the head screws into the goose-neck pipe that sticks out of the wall.

  • Take an adjustable wrench and tighten the wrench onto the base of the shower head flat spots.
  • Turning counter-clockwise, loosen and remove the old shower head.
  • Clean the threads on the goose-neck of any debris such as old pipe compound or plumber’s tape.

Prepare Goose-Neck Threads

Once you’ve cleaned the threads of old debris, you should wrap the threads in plumber’s tape to prevent leakage when the new shower head is installed.

  • Take about 9-12 inches of plumber’s tape and wrap it around the threads in a CLOCKWISE direction for several turns (4-5).
  • Don’t extend above the threaded area or else the tape will show when the new head is installed.
  • Take your fingers and gently press the tape into the threads.