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DIY Basement Insulation Installation


Finished basements are great for homeowners who need a little extra living space or storage space. Whether you’re still in the planning stages or ready to start renovations, it’s important to keep insulation at the forefront of your mind. Without proper lining and protection, your newly designed space could become a money pit with moisture, mold, and mildew problems—just to name a few.

Many contractors recommend polystyrene boards for the lower levels of your home because they are particularly effective in protecting against moisture that comes with humidity, rain, and snow. You can keep your family and your wallet safe by following these steps for installing polystyrene boards as a proper layer of defense against the elements your home faces.

Step 1 – Protect Yourself

Before you begin any insulation work on your home, make sure to put on protective eyewear and work gloves to prevent injuring your hands or eyes. If possible, enlist the help of a family member or friend so that you aren’t going through the installation process alone. This will get the work done faster and protect you from unnecessary injuries.

Step 2 – Inspect the Space

Examine your entire basement for any moisture issues or cracks in the concrete. You don’t want to start an insulation project only to find there are more severe issues with your foundation. If you detect any problems, contact a certified contractor and schedule an appointment to have your basement assessed.

Step 3 – Protect your Walls

Once any moisture issues have been solved, you’ll need to apply a concrete sealant on the walls.

Visit your local hardware store, and speak with a customer service representative in the paint department about your project in order to get product recommendations. After you’ve selected a sealant you think will work well, open all the basement’s windows to ensure fresh air and healthy ventilation.