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DIY Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium


If you have trouble keeping plants alive, one sure thing for you would be Marimo moss balls. They require very little maintenance, and they can live for more than 200 years. Technically, Marimo moss balls are not moss at all, even though they look like it. They are spheres of velvety algae that grow slowly outward to form balls. In Japan, where “Marimo” means seaweed ball, they are considered good luck. And you’ll certainly have good luck creating beautiful arrangements with these aquatic wonders.

Things You’ll Need: Marimo moss balls, Glass vase or container, Aquarium gravel or rocks, Coral or small branches, Shells

Tip: You can purchase Marimo moss balls at your local pet store or fish store, which allows you to inspect them before buying. If you buy them online, make sure you read reviews to ensure the merchant is selling genuine Marimo moss balls instead of fakes. I actually found mine online and was assured by the more than 5,000 positive reviews.