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Warning Signs You Need Roof Repair


Six Warning Signs You Need Roof Repair – Your roof takes a beating. I mean, that is in fact its job. Sun, hail, snow, rain, wind. Your roof needs to stand up to all those things and more (like that tree limb that just fell on it).

Like most things that silently do there job day in and day out, we can tend to take them for granted and your roof is no exception. That’s why I wanted to share with you some things to check for to see if your roof needs attention before it gets expensive. I thought I’d focus on the most common residential roof type, the asphalt shingle, and what to look for to see if the roof needs repair. However, many of these issues we will cover are applicable to wood shingle and tile roofs as well.

For this article I thought I would enlist some ideas from our friends at HomeAdvisor.com, a home repair contractor resource that is free to use (yep, no monthly fees like some other lists).

Here are six warning signs that your roof system may need repair and that you really can’t afford to ignore. I’ll explain each one on the following pages.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks may often be hard to spot when they start because they begin with a small drip. As a result, they can remain unseen for a long time and eventually saturate rafters, insulation, ceiling, even the siding of your home.

A good way to proactively check for a roof leak is to look for signs of rotted wood such as where your gutters attach to your house on the fascia board when cleaning the gutters, looking for mildew buildup, signs of puddles or water or wet insulation in the attic after a rainstorm. Or you can contact a roofer to help you check for leaks.

Without occasionally checking for a roof leak, by the time the leak is noticeable permanent damage may have occurred and you’re into siding repair or other exterior or interior home repairs.