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Budgeting Costs for Home Roof Repair


Keeping the integrity of your roof protected is a critical requirement of basic home repair and maintenance. Once you notice any warning sign that your roof needs repair or worse, once a roof leak is discovered, you need to act immediately to protect your home.

But trying to budget for roof repair can sometimes be a little challenging. I mean, roof repair is not something homeowners have to deal with very often, fortunately.

One very cool feature I found on HomeAdvisors.com is data on the cost to repair different roof problems and types of roofs. The costs ranged from $200 to $1,700 but within that range is some interesting and useful information.

Here are some of the most common roof repairs and their relative costs:

Roof and Flashing Leaks

Roof leaks can happen over the lifetime of a roof for a variety of reasons:

  • Flashing was improperly installed or cracked during inclement weather.
  • Moisture caused a bitumen roof to develop leaks because of a bad or absent underlayment.
  • Shingles blew away or broke, leaving an opening for moisture.
  • Valleys are improperly sealed or cracked.
  • Ice dams built up over the winter and created roof leakage.
  • Clogged gutters needing cleaning and caused damage which led to leaks.
  • The chimney’s step flashing failed created holes allowing moisture to get through.

When this happens, water will find its way into your attic and potentially into the ceiling or walls. You must address a leaky roof immediately. The cost to repair roof leaks depends on the extent of damage, but you’re looking at an average of $200 to $450.