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Design a Kitchen Electrical Wiring Plan


Electrical Wiring Plan for Kitchens

Kitchen electrical wiring can easily be accomplished by first creating a kitchen electrical wiring plan. When planning your kitchen wiring, you must take into account appliances that will move from place to place, appliances that stay stationary, outlet placement for optimal usage, lighting locations for optimal light coverage in areas needed, and any specialized outlets or flexible connections, such as in the case of built-in ovens.

A great plan is to plan for future appliances that you don’t have now, or possibly have not even been invented yet. Look back 30 years and remember what you had for kitchen appliances back then. Now look around at the kitchen appliances you now have and cannot live without. As you can see, without the any outlets and circuits you have now, you’d never be able to power them up with the old wiring plan.

My recommendation is to add a few extra outlets in the odd places like in the corners above the cabinets, next to the sink on both sides, and over very small cabinets. You may not think you’ll use it, but I have just such a cabinet and the outlet is being used for a coffee maker and a radio. Boy am I glad that I installed it there! Now let’s take a look at a typical kitchen wiring plan.

Small Appliance Branch Circuits

An appliance branch circuit supplies power to one or more outlets that appliances are connected to and that has no permanently connected lighting fixtures, that is, that are not connected to part of the appliance. For instance, an oven with an oven light.