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Best Locations for the Microwave in the Kitchen


Best Placement Options for the Microwave

Microwaves can be tricky little devils. People either swear they use them ten times a day or haven’t touched theirs twice since moving in. There is very little gray area when it comes to the topic of the microwave, but regardless of how often you use or plan to use this little appliance, most people want one incorporated into their kitchen space for resale. So with that being said the question becomes where do you put it?

Obviously there are options galore, some more aesthetically pleasing than others. so which location is best for you? My biggest piece of advice is to keep the microwave as low profile and out of sight as possible. Even the most expensive and sleekest microwaves don’t have enough aesthetic “umph” to be a focal point in the kitchen.

Install the Microwave Over the Ovens(s)

In my opinion the only time you should willingly have your microwave up high, is if it is stored over an oven. In general appliances, regardless of the finish, break up the cohesiveness of a space. This is not a negative thing as appliances are obviously very much necessary in a kitchen, but the fewer times the aesthetic has to be “chopped” with a different finish the sleeker the space will appear. By having your microwave installed above your oven/double oven you are essentially allowing the microwave to blend seamlessly with the oven which is a like finish element in the space.