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How to Replace Main Relay on Honda Prelude


The main relay in the Honda Prelude helps to control the flow of high current within the ignition and fuel system. If your Honda Prelude has problems starting, the source of your problem may be this relay. In Honda Preludes manufactured between 1988 and 1991, locating and replacing the main relay can pose a challenge (compared to other Honda models from the same years), but isn’t impossible.

Tools Used: Tools, Manual or wiring diagram, Pocketknife, Ratchet, screwdriver and wrench sets, Paper and pen, Main relay replacement or kit, Magnifying glass (optional), Soldering tools (optional)

Replace Main Relay

Determine the source of your starting problem by “listening” to your Honda Prelude. If you can’t hear the main relay clicking (three times) when you attempt to start your car, …