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How to Use Less Data on Instagram


Every Instagram user is probably familiar on how much data is drained on photos and videos while using the app. The app tends to eat up a lot of data when you are not connected to the Wi-Fi. Instagram has always been about pictures and videos – while it is quite a famous app amongst the general users along with celebrities it is everything except data-friendly. If you want to know how to use less data on Instagram, keep on reading.

Steps To Use Less Data On Instagram

The steps below will enable you to use less data on Instagram.

Open Instagram and click on Profile
Here click on Settings which is at the top of the app towards the right.
This will give you a list of options. You need to select Cellular Data Use.
Toggle the switch and enable the Use Less Data option or just select it from the list
Go out of the Settings and you are done.
You can disable this option in the same way whenever you don’t want to save data.

How does this setting help to use less data on Instagram?