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13 Netflix Tips And Tricks


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services that is presently used by a large part of the people across the globe. This has come to offer all kind of high-quality contents seamlessly. But thankfully there are several ways to improvise the experience of Netflix. All you need to know is some helpful Netflix tips and tricks and this service will become even more enjoyable to you. So, if you are a loyal user of Netflix and looking for some powerful Netflix tips, read this article thoroughly.

13 Netflix Tips And Tricks

Eliminate buffering through the secret menu

By default, the Netflix automatically calibrate the streaming and this depends completely on your network connection. But thankfully, there are ways to eliminate that option. The first option is available from a secret menu that can be brought by pressing on any video on your computer while pressing the Shift+Alt. It will get a Stream Manager which allows you to adjust the bandwidth usage. However, you can do something more from this setting, such as the synchronization of video and audio as well.