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Common Fitbit Problems and Their Fixes


Fitbit is a very useful fitness tracker that helps you track the quality of sleep, heart rate, calories burned etc. Thus you can achieve a fitness goal easily. But just like other gadgets, this device may face some issues. We have listed here the most common Fitbit problems and their fixes. So, if you have already bought one or else planning to have one, this article will help you a lot.

8 Common Fitbit Problems And Their Fixes

Problem 1: Fitbit problems syncing

In order to make the Fitness tracker work for you, it is to be synced with Android smartphone and this sync is done through the Bluetooth. But some of the users who have started using this device, have come forward to complain about this Fitbit problem syncing issue. Here are the possible fixes for that.

Potential fixes:

In order to make things work, the android device should have the Fitbit app installed on it. So, ensure that the Android device does have that.
The next task is to check that the Bluetooth is enabled on the smartphone. Also, ensure you are trying to connect to just one Bluetooth enabled device.