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How to Download YouTube Videos for Free


YouTube videos are meant to be streamed but there are times when you happen to come across a great video on YouTube that you wish to watch later, even without internet. Irrespective of the reason why you wish to download the YouTube video we have some ways that will help you download YouTube videos for free. Keep reading to know what you need to do:

Download YouTube Videos for Free

Mozilla Firefox has several extensions that can help in downloading YouTube videos. ‘Download YouTube Videos as MP4’ is easy to use extension that will help you in downloading any video of your choice. Once this is done you can enjoy YouTube videos for free, after some easy steps.

Step 1

On clicking the menu of Firefox browser you will see ‘Add-ons’ and if you click on this you will be directed to Add-on Manager. In the Search section type ‘Download YouTube’ and the result and install one of the extensions. It is best that you selected the first one.