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How to Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive to Google Drive


The stuff we have on our devices is very important to us, and this is especially true now that we store everything from images and videos to work files and even passwords on our hard drives. Hard drive failures, damages, and disk errors can happen unexpectedly, and it’s important to be prepared by way of periodic or frequent backup. One of the most reliable hard drive backup services today is Google Drive, a cloud-based storage system that will allow you to store all of your important stuff online for safekeeping.

We will guide you through how to back up your hard drive using Google Drive so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your beloved files ever again.
Why Back Up Your Hard Drive to Google Drive?

There are two main reasons to keep your hard drive backed up to Google Drive:

1. Data Protection

As we have previously mentioned, if your hard drive gets damaged in some way all of your most important stuff will be lost. And even if you decide to back up your files on something like an external hard drive, it will not be as reliable as storing them on a cloud, as it can get damaged as well.