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Jeep Liberty Fuel Water Separator Change Instructions


The Jeep Liberty has several optional engines, including a 2.8-liter diesel. The fuel water separator for the diesel engine is located on the engine cowl right above the fire wall. It has a hose and several electrical connections that need to be removed before removing the unit from the vehicle. The fuel water separator should be drained before you remove it from the vehicle.

Tools Used: Tools, Flat screwdriver, Metric socket set

Change a Fuel Water Separator

Locate the fuel water separator on the engine cowl of your Jeep. It has two hoses and two electrical connectors on it and is bolted right to the cowl. Remove the hose clamps that hold the hoses to the bango fittings on the separator. Do not remove the bango fittings; just slide the two hoses off the fittings. Disconnect the electrical connectors for the fuel heater and the temperature sensor from the separator.