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Kia Spectra Rear Brake Pads Change Instructions


Changing the rear brake pads on a Kia Spectra requires a special tool to properly seat the caliper piston back into its bore. Kia recommends using tool number OK9A4263001, which might be difficult to find in your local auto parts store. However, you can use a universal brake caliper rewind tool, and some home mechanics have found that a good pair of needle-nose pliers work just fine. It is important not to damage the piston boot to avoid expensive repairs.

Tools Used: Tools, Plastic bottle, Turkey baster, Lug wrench, Floor jack, Jack stands (2), Nose pliers (optional), Ratchet, Hex bit, Mechanic’s wire, Brake parts cleaner, Lint-free towels, Brake-caliper rewind tool, New brake fluid

Change the Rear Brake Pads

Removing the Brake Pads