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KIA Sportage Brake Light Bulb Change Instructions


Probably one of the most ignored light bulbs in any vehicle are the brake lights. Turn signals might blink rapidly when you engage the directional switch, telling you that a bulb is out in the front or rear, but most vehicles offer no warning signs when a brake light burns out. You can’t step on the brake pedal and see if your brake lights are working at the same time. Someone will alert you sooner or later, hopefully before a police officer pulls you over and cites you. Changing the brake light bulb in a Kia Sportage is relatively easy and you can save some money on labor charges at service stations.

Tools Used: Tools, Phillips head screwdriver, Assistant

Change Brake Light Bulb

Place an assistant in the Kia Sportage and have him run through all the lights while in it. Open the rear gate door.