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Lexus ES 330 Headlight Aim Adjustment Instructions


The Lexus ES 330’s headlight assemblies have two adjustment screws for the lateral and vertical aim of the headlights. These screws are hidden within the rear of the headlight assembly, but holes on top of the assembly allow you to access them without having to take apart extraneous components of the car. This is good news for anyone whose Lexus ES 330 headlights are misaligned, providing poor road visibility and potentially blinding other drivers.

Tools Used: Tools, Tape, 25- or 30-foot tape measure, Flat-head screwdriver, 10mm socket wrench

Adjust Headlight Aim

Park your Lexus ES 330 directly in front of a garage door or other flat vertical surface. Place a horizontal and vertical strip of tape in a cross shape on the wall directly in front of each headlight. These act as targets for the headlight beams.