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How to Change the Lamp in a Sony Bravia


Sony Bravia projectors use a special lamp assembly to produce the light sent to the projection screen. Just like a bulb in a regular light fixture, the projector’s bulb has a limited lifespan, which means that you have to replace it after using the projector for business presentations, product demos or other business needs. While bulb lives vary based on a number of different factors, you can generally expect a Bravia projector’s lamp to last thousands of hours before needing replacement. Some replacement lamps are also packed with air filters that you should replace at the same time.

Changing the Lamp

  1. Press your Bravia projector’s “Power” button to turn it off. Wait at least one hour to allow it to cool, and then unplug it from the wall outlet.
  2. Place your projector with its bottom panel facing up. If you rest it on a soft cloth, its case is less likely to become scratched.
  3. Unscrew the single Phillips-head screw that holds down the lamp cover on the bottom panel of your projector. Lift the cover away.
  4. Loosen the three screws that hold the old lamp assembly in. Two are located along its top edge, and one is located in its lower-right corner.
  5. Grasp the old lamp by its handle and pull it out of the projector.
  6. Grasp the new lamp by its handle and push it into the projector into the space occupied by the old lamp.
  7. Replace the three screws to hold the new lamp in. Be careful not to over-tighten them.
  8. Put the lamp cover back in place and tighten the screw that holds it in place.