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How to Use a Blackberry as a TV Remote


Blackberries are versatile electronic devices that can make phone calls, send text messages and surf the Web. Blackberries are like miniature computers, and you can download a host of applications, or apps, that can do all sorts of useful tasks. The company Unity4Life offers an app called AV Shadow, which allows you to turn your phone into a universal remote control for your television and DVD player from as far as 30 feet away. AV Shadow costs $99 as of January 2011, and covers the purchase of the app itself and a piece of equipment that will allow it to work.

Check that you have the right device and data plan for this app. The app is compatible with the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Pearl, Storm and 8800 series. It also uses data, so you will need a data plan to avoid racking up fees.