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How to Find Your MEID on Your BlackBerry


Each CDMA BlackBerry device has a unique serial number that differentiates it from all the other devices on the network. Originally, this serial number was in the form of an ESN, or electronic serial number. Eventually, these numbers started to run out, and BlackBerrys, along with all other CDMA devices, began to use MEID, or mobile equipment identifier, numbers instead. The MEID for any BlackBerry device is located both on the physical device and in the device’s memory.

Physical Inspection

Turn the BlackBerry over and remove the battery cover. Some BlackBerrys, like the Curve, have a button you press to remove the cover, while others, like the Storm, simply have you pull up on the cover to remove it.

Pull up on the battery to remove it from the device. You will see a set of stickers under the battery.