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How to Enable Visual Voicemail on a BlackBerry


All BlackBerry phones contain a standard voice mail application, but it does not allow users to see or organize their messages. YouMail Visual Voicemail is a free application that allows you to view voice messages as if you were flipping through file folders on a computer. The program also allows users to save messages to the phone’s internal memory. You must download and install the application on your BlackBerry before you can begin using it.

Turn on your BlackBerry phone. Open the “Browser” application in the home screen. Wait for the program to load. (reference 2)

Visit the YouMail website at youmail.com. Select the “Create An Account” option in the right corner. Enter your Blackberry’s telephone number at the next window and select “Get Activation Code.” Check your BlackBerry’s text messages for the activation code. Enter your name, email, and activation code into the designated fields on the next web page. Click the “Create My Account” button.