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How To Completely Reset Sony Tv


If your Sony TV doesn’t look like it used to and you can’t remember what settings you changed to get it this way, then you need to learn how to completely reset a Sony TV. A Sony TV allows you to customize almost all aspects of the picture and sound. You can change the brightness, color, hue, contrast, sound mix, aspect ratio and many more. If you have made a change or if the Sony TV just doesn’t look or sound right anymore, you should reset it to the factory settings before attempting any other troubleshooting. All Sony televisions come with a method of resetting all settings back to their original levels. Keep in mind that a complete reset will return all of the settings to the factory defaults, not just picture and sound. If you had entered any channel names, or set up parental controls, these will also return to defaults.

  1. Power on the television. The Sony TV has to be on to start the operation.
  2. Press and hold the up arrow on the remote. Make sure that the remote is facing the television and is not obstructed.
  3. Press the power button on the Sony TV. Press the button on the television itself, not the power button on the remote. You can release the up arrow after you press the power button. The television will power off and then power itself back on with all of the settings reset to their original factory defaults.